Case Study

SAGE Group SA is a leading software publisher dedicated to the Wealth Management industry. Their flagship product is the Prospero 365 suite which is divided in 4 categories: Wealth Management, Fund Management, IAM & Family Office and Asset Management. They also also develop other specific products such as BlackSwan and the Prospero Mobile App.

For this project, our team was essentially composed of me and a UX designer. Our goal was to redesign and develop a better version of the company's website.

We followed SAGE's brand identity and chose a minimalist and clean approach by using mostly white and light colors, as well as professional and simple imagery.

This was the most important project I worked in so far and am really happy about the final result, as well as SAGE Group SA.






Design, Development, SEO, Optimization

Sage website homepage

1. Homepage - Landing page

Sage Website product overview feature

2. Product overview feature

Sage Website news grid

3. News grid

Sage Website demo modal

4. Free demo request available on all pages through a modal

5. Mobile content

6. Responsive navigation on mobile devices

7. News displayed on smartphone

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