Inhumane Existence

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Inhumane Existence is a Death Metal band from Switzerland, founded in 2015. Even if they don't have a specific theme, they're mostly inspired by the ancient egyptian mythology, torture methods accross time and overall brutality.

For this logo, I've drawn the letters by hand and put them together in Photoshop. The inverted "T" refers to the dark, blast-beating "Black Metal" riffs in the compositions. It's available in both white and black versions and it will be used for the band's merch, albums and other visual supports.

I've also recorded and produced the "Jingle Bells" video, which you can see below.

If you're a fan of extreme metal, be sure to check their songs on SoundCloud and leave a like on their Facebook page.


Inhumane Existence




Visual design, Audio recording, video production

Inhumane Existence Logo in black

1. Logo in black

Inhumane Existence Logo in white

2. Logo in white

Inhumane Existence business card

3. Black business card prototype

Jingle Bells video preview

4. Jingle bells music video. Watch the full video here.

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