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Inhumane Existence

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Inhumane Existence is a Death Metal band from Switzerland, founded in 2015. They’re heavily influenced by bands such as Dying Fetus, Job for a Cowboy, Cerebral Bore, Abominable Putridity and many others. As far as lyrics go, Inhumane Existence explores egyptian mythology, violent torture methods across multiple eras and civilisations as well as important creations and technologies which contributed to the growth and development of human society as we know it today.

The logo was first drawn by hand and then imported into Photoshop to be retouched and filled. The inverted "T" refers to the dark, blast-beating "Black Metal" riffs in the compositions.

The website was published later in 2019 to be able to centralise all information about the band: Biography, gallery, gigs, media, contact and a stream of their first EP "Pierced and Confined".


Inhumane Existence




Visual design, Audio recording, video production, website

Inhumane Existence Logo in black

1. Logo in black

Inhumane Existence Website

2. Website

Inhumane Existence business card

3. Black business card prototype

Jingle Bells video preview

4. Jingle bells music video. Watch the full video here.

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