Case Study

Auto Ecole Gross is a driving school in the center of Lausanne, Switzerland. To step up from the competition, they asked me and my team to develop a new, stylish and modern website. It had to be responsive, have a good SEO and be easy to modify and update, since the old website didn't have any CMS (Content Management System) and had to be updated by hand.

To solve this problem, we decided to install Wordpress and build a custom theme using their coporate identity. As for the redesign itself, most of it was based on the old website (content, structure and images). Of course, we didn't stop there, we used a custom filmed video background in the landing page which switches to a standard image on mobile, a responsive menu and responsive lists for the categories.

In general, this was a good experience and Auto Ecole Gross's students were happy as well.


Auto-Ecole Gross SA





Auto ecole Gross homepage with video background

1. Homepage with video background

Auto ecole gross - License categories preview

2. License categories and next lesson dates

Auto ecole gross - driving license information

3. Detailed information for driving lincense (Category B)

Auto ecole gross - instructors page

4. Instructors with their respective cars

Auto Ecole Gross mobile introduction content

5. Mobile introduction

Auto Ecole Gross mobile categories list

6. Categories turn into a list

Auto Ecole Gross mobile menu

7. Mobile menu

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